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Custom Upholstery For Pender County

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Utilize Our Upholstery Services To Create A Unique Space

Looking for a way to improve the look of your furniture without spending a fortune? At Coastal Window Fashions, we offer custom upholstery services for furniture such as window seats, beds, and more. You decide the fabric color and style best suits your residence and personal taste, and we’ll take care of the rest. In addition to enhancing your existing décor, your furniture creates the atmosphere you are looking for. With a wide range of high-quality items for custom upholstery, Coastal Window Fashions is a highly trained business to help you find your perfect designs. To create a cozy and welcoming home, our team goes above and beyond to ensure that you are entirely satisfied with our design and fabric services.

We successfully delivered custom upholstery for Pender County and the neighboring counties. No matter how huge or difficult the upholstery demand is, we can handle it thanks to our wide range of high-quality materials and skilled team.

Change The Look and Feel of Your Home

When you purchase window treatments from a specialist like Coastal Window Fashions, you can be sure that the fabric and manufacturing will be of the best quality. In Pender County, North Carolina, and the neighboring areas, our business offers the best custom upholstery services for you. We will walk you through the many types of fabrics and materials you require, such as the durable textiles needed for furniture in high-traffic areas like family or living rooms, or a softer category of fabric being used for furniture in less-busy locations.

Custom upholstery cannot be compared to store-bought upholstery since it has a more distinctive fit. Our team of professionals can make it with the exact measurements and design you want to best complement the rest of your house or place of business. The soft covers on chairs, couches and other furniture are upholstery, a type of material you can personalize to get the finishing touches perfect in your home or space. Our organization is prepared to provide your furniture the makeover it needs, whether the inside of your office building needs updating or you need to restore your home’s aesthetic.


At Coastal Window Fashions, we are experts in providing a diverse selection of window treatments suitable for any size, be it for residential or commercial spaces in North Carolina. Our commitment lies in delivering top-notch products at the most competitive prices. Rest assured, with us, your projects will be seamlessly executed on schedule, and we guarantee a flawless outcome every time!

Why Choose Us?

When you purchase upholstery treatments from a qualified company like Coastal Window Fashions NC, you can be sure that the fabric and manufacturing will be of the highest caliber. Our knowledgeable window treatment expert follows the most recent trends while still being familiar with the classic design elements. In addition to fundamental home comforts, our services could add a distinctive touch to the interior style of your home. We give your furniture a clean, fresh feel without breaking your budget.

Our custom upholstery services for businesses provide the small differences that enhance the company’s reputation and solidify your brand. We finish every project with Coastal Window Fashions on time and without any imperfections! We are a business with reasonable costs that fits any budget. We are the company to turn to when you need the information you need to accomplish your vision, whether it be for a business, a house, or interior design. Call today for a consultation.

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We provide you with the assurance that you're selecting the top service for custom upholstery work in Pender County and the surrounding areas.

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In order to satisfy the needs of your home or place of work, we provide a variety of fabrics and upholstery in a wide range of styles, designs, and functions.

3. Professional Service

Coastal Window Fashions always completes our upholstery services correctly and on time, regardless of the dimensions or measurements you need.

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