What Are Window Treatments?

A “window treatment,” often known as a valence, a shade, or a set of curtains, is a decorative accessory used to cover a window. A window covering is a shade or blind placed over a window to block out light and provide seclusion. There is a wide range of window types, sizes, and styles, it can be overwhelming to narrow down your options.

There are two primary types of window coverings: hard and soft. When we talk about “hard” blinds and shutters, we refer to those crafted from sturdy materials. Soft, on the other hand, describes textile items like valances, cornices, Roman blinds, curtains, and draperies.

Many products cannot be placed neatly into either the “hard” or “soft” category like solar, roller, cellular, and transitional window blinds. 

Premium curtains, window shades, and panels are some of the window treatments that Coastal Window Fashions specialises in designing and installing. Whether you need window coverings for a home or business in North Carolina, we have you covered.

Popular Style & Material Choices In Window Treatment

Window treatments can happen in various styles that can complement any decor.

1) Curtains

Panels of curtains are sold in pairs and hung from curtain rods. They are available in a wide range of materials, thicknesses, patterns, colors, and designs and can be used to spruce up your interior. The curtain appropriate for your needs will be the ones that serve that purpose. For instance, sheer fabric curtains will let light through and not obscure your view.

2) Drapes

Drapes are more discreet than curtains. Typically, drapes have two linings, one for insulation and one for blocking light. When it comes to blocking out the cold and the heat, drapes are superior to curtains.

3) Blinds

In contrast to soft window treatments like curtains, window blinds are typically crafted from sturdy materials like wood or vinyl. Imitation wooden window blinds are more resilient and resistant to moisture.

Blinds allow you to control the quantity of natural light and privacy by adjusting the angle of the slats using a mechanism or a rope. Vertical window blinds are used in conjunction with sliding glass doors, whereas horizontal window blinds are best for small windows.

4) Shades

Window blinds and shades are available in various materials and don’t have any slats or vanes. You can choose from woven bamboo wooden window shades or those fashioned from light-filtering cloth that blocks harmful UV rays. Window coverings can be either flat or pleated. Shades can be electrically or manually operated & can be adjusted to fit any window.

5) Valances

Valances are ornate tops that hold up curtains, drapes, window blinds, and window shades. The primary purpose of these cloth caps is purely aesthetic. They are draped across the top of the window frame. There are pleated, arched, and flat designs to choose from.

6) Swags

Swags for windows are long strips of fabric hung from a curtain rod and allowed to fall freely. Swags are a great DIY home renovation project if you have extra fabric and want to give your windows a softer, more refined look.

7) Glass

If you can’t find anything that works for your interior, you can use glass for your windows. If you enjoy your large bay windows but don’t want to deal with installing curtains or blinds, window films, frosted glass, and stained glass can be used to maintain your privacy.

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With window treatments, you can enhance a window’s visual appeal while protecting your privacy and lowering your energy bills. There is a wide range of options for treatments to meet the needs of any consumer, regardless of their financial situation or personal taste. Various options for cordless window blinds and window shades are available.

Coastal Window Fashions is North Carolina’s premier mobile window treatment company, with decades of experience serving residential and commercial clients. If you’re interested in window coverings, contact us right away.

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