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Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors in Longwood, NC

Coastal Window Fashions in Longwood, NC has a variety of window treatments for sliding glass doors that will complement your home’s décor. These include draperies, window coverings, and more. If you are looking for inspiration, you can check out Google images, Pinterest, or even the Coastal Window Fashions gallery featured on our website. Here is a list of some window treatments for sliding glass doors that will make any neighbor jealous of your Brunswick home if you want some ideas to get you started. 

Sheer Curtains to Preserve Light

Simple, whimsical sheer curtains can filter light and preserve the natural light in a room. This will provide some privacy in a room with little daylight, while allowing the room to have natural lighting at the same time. Sheer curtains add a subtle but powerful touch to a room while keeping it minimal. To create a unique look, you can layer them with other window treatments.

Light-Blocking Curtains

It is recommended that you consider light-blocking curtains if the area in question gets an excessive amount of sunlight in your Brunswick home. During the warmer months in Longwood, NC, the curtains will help control the amount of sunlight and keep the room cool. Also, if you intend to install sliding glass doors in a living room with a television and want to prevent glare, you should have them.

Stylish Curtains

The amount of natural light in your home is not a factor in the choice of curtains, so you can simply choose them based on style. A room’s design can be complemented with colors and patterns.

Be prepared for them to become the main attraction if the room is simply decorated or if the curtains or drapes have a bold pattern. Solid curtains are also stylish – choose a muted, natural color for a subtler atmosphere or go bright for a more vibrant effect.


Just like regular windows, sliding glass doors can also be customized with valances. Due to their placement above the door, they will not obstruct people’s passage. Therefore, they do not require any special installation. If you want a more modern look, you can use a floral-patterned valance instead, which will give your Brunswick home a classic, old-fashioned appearance.


There’s no need to worry about traditional plantation shutters not matching your home decor! They can be applied to sliding glass doors as well! If you want to control natural light entering your home, you can install sliding panels that also have rotating shutters. In addition to blocking out light, regular blinds will also give you a similar appearance at a lower cost.

Roller Shades

You can enjoy the beauty of your landscape from the sliding glass doors in your home. It might be best in this situation not to choose window treatments that are too flashy and distract from the view. It may be a good idea to consider roller shades; they are simple and roll neatly up at the top of the door, so you barely notice them.

In Longwood, NC, you can still block out the light when watching a movie during the summer or when cooling down your home when it’s hot.

Other General Trips

Regardless of what sliding glass door treatments you choose, there are some tips and tricks you need to know. One of the most important things is to ensure that your window treatments do not interfere with the door’s functionality. For easy access to the door, make sure the curtains can slide to the side.

Ensure that valences are not installed too low so that people’s heads won’t be brushed as they walk through the door. To prevent dirt and stepping on them, hang curtains about an inch above the floor. Please do not hesitate to contact Coastal Window Fashions at 910-388-6995 if you have any questions regarding window treatments in Longwood, NC. We will be happy to share our knowledge.


Coastal Window Fashions in NC

We specialize in a wide range of window treatments, whether large or small, residential or commercial, in North Carolina. We’re proud to offer the highest quality products at the best prices.  With Coastal Window Fashions, we complete all projects on schedule and with no mistakes!

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Longwood is an unincorporated community in Brunswick County, North Carolina, United States. The community is located on North Carolina Highway 904 8.6 miles (13.8 km) north of Sunset Beach. Longwood has a post office with ZIP code 28452.

William Asbury “Jinx” Long was raised in the Seaside/Calabash area. He apprenticed at the Brooks store in the Seaside area later opening his own general store. His store was on Butler’s Pea Landing Road (the location of which would now be the intersection of NC 904 and Russtown Road, near Butler’s Pond). A traveling photographer stopped by the store to deliver prints to a prominent local family. Jinx Long saw a photo of Bessie Lee Butler and announced, “That’s the woman I’m going to marry.” Her family had significant land holdings in the area. On February 24, 1907 they did just that, at the home of Bessie’s mother and stepfather, Mary Melvina Cox Butler McKeithan and Isiah McKeithan. They had several children together, many of whose descendants still live in the area.

By the late 1910s and early 1920s times were getting more difficult for the Long family. Store patrons were not paying off their accounts and Mr. Long couldn’t collect the money he was owed. They owned lots of land in the area, but had no money. Jinx and Bessie began selling their land to pay their creditors. Among the most eager to buy land: Jackson Brothers Railroad and Lumber Co., which was already laying railroad tracks in the swamps and forests of southeastern North Carolina and hauling out timber. Around 1922 Jackson Brothers took over the mill on Butler’s Pond and began clearing timber. It laid out a settlement nearby for its workers, on streets and avenues with names such as “Peachtree” and “Sunset”, and called the community Long’s Wood: after the family who had sold the land. The community thrived as workers began to move in, hoping for steady work and a good paycheck.

In 1925 a “Longwood” post office application was proposed to serve a community of 500 people. Several entrepreneurs came as well, like Rice Gwynn of Fairmont. He opened a store and established a large farm in the area. Jackson Brothers stayed around 10 years, gradually pulling out in the early 1930s. The stores stayed open and Jackson Brothers sold the newly cleared acreage for farmland. On June 15, 1939 services of what became Longwood Baptist Church began in a dwelling house, with a church being completed in 1940. Longwood Road was the main street for the community and was once lined with a tractor dealership, a gas company, several garages and general stores, as well as, a hardware store for shopping. In the 1950s, Geneva Boyd’s Longwood Grill was a popular hangout for teenagers. In 1984 there were discussions about possible incorporation. Most of the businesses have closed with many young people leaving to seek jobs.

Learn more about Longwood.

Some of the easiest to clean window treatments are vertical hanging blinds. You can easily dust blinds using a feather duster. Also, window treatments made of aluminum, PVC and faux wood are also among some of the easiest to maintain since they are durable and do not damage easily during cleaning.

There are four main types of window treatments.  These include blinds, shades, shutters, and drapery. Each type will come in a many different colors, styles, and sizes that you can pick from to best suit your space. 

No, your window treatments do not need to match.  You can pair different styles, colors, and textures.  However, when picking your window treatments, be sure you consider the function each window treatment offers and how they meet your needs in your space

The price of a window treatment varies depending on the style, size, material, and type. You should expect to pay anywhere from $110 to $350 for your window treatment.