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Window Treatments Near Me: Why Coastal Window Fashions offers the best window treatments in Longwood, NC

Are you searching for “window treatments near me?” Look no further! Coastal Window Fashions offers the best window treatments in Longwood, NC. We offer a variety of services to the residents of the Brunswick area and pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Here is why you should stop googling “window treatments near me” and choose us for window treatments in your Longwood, NC home.

Local and Experienced Professionals

At Coastal Window Fashions, we have fifty years of experience with window treatments and design in the Brunswick area. Our website displays our portfolio and a gallery of our past projects so you can see for yourself the type of work we do. You may be able to find an amateur who will charge you less for installation and design services, but nothing will match the quality service we provide, coming from years of experience on the job. Consider making an investment in your home or business and hiring a professional with more experience. This is the best way to ensure that you are not disappointed with the end result. Furthermore, we are based in the Longwood, NC area and provide services to only to the residents of the surrounding counties. Being a local business means we have more time to focus on individual clients and create custom pieces, whereas when working with a larger corporation, the client will have less control over the final product or service they are paying for.

A Wide Variety of Services

Window treatments refer to the additional pieces of a window design beyond the basic glass, such as curtains, drapes, or coverings. At Coastal Window Fashions, we offer a wide variety of services concerning window installation, design, and treatments. We will help you design a window installation that complements and harmonizes with your home and will install all the components. A window design has many pieces, including blinds, shades, draperies, shutters, valences, cornices, and more. Our website features a gallery of all these components from our past projects, so you can see that we have experience in all these examples of window treatments. We work with homeowners, business owners, and interior designers to select treatments that work for any home, business, or public space in Longwood, NC. Whether you know exactly what window treatments you want or are looking for some suggestions, we are eager to work with you and help you get the most out of this project!

Attention to Accuracy and Detail

At Coastal Window Fashions, we strive to provide quality work at your Brunswick home or business. Every step of the process is important, and we take each part seriously. For example, we measure your windows ourselves to ensure that all coverings or any other installations fit perfectly. We have over fifty years of experience installing window treatments and our professional staff carries out each installation with meticulousness and care. It is important to us that all installations go smoothly and that you get the result you want so that your time and money is not wasted. If you are looking for “window treatments near me” and want to hire professionals who take care with the work they do, do not waste your time with inexperienced businesses who rush through the job and give us a call at Coastal Window Fashions today!

Window Treatments Near Me in Longwood, NC

The Process and Customer Service

We also strive to provide an excellent customer service experience to the residents of Brunswick. We will take you through an in-depth process to ensure you get the best result out of this home improvement project. We start by taking you to our showroom so you may browse different fashions and styles of window treatments and find something that will complement the décor of your home or business. We will measure the windows at your home or business and give you a quote for the installation of such window treatments. We will work with you to find something you will be happy with that is also within your budget. The most important thing to us is that you are happy with our services and the installations we make in your home or business.

Do You Want to Know More?

Do you have any more questions about our business or the services we provide? Just call us at 910-388-6995 and we will tell you more about our process and how we work with our clients. We hope to assuage any doubts you have about choosing to hire us to install window treatments at your home or business in Longwood, NC. We are eager to work with you and know we can help you choose window treatments that will not disappoint!

Some information about Longwood, NC

Longwood is an unincorporated community in Brunswick County, North Carolina, United States. The community is located on North Carolina Highway 904 8.6 miles (13.8 km) north of Sunset Beach. Longwood has a post office with ZIP code 28452.

William Asbury ‘Jinx’ Long was raised in the Seaside/Calabash area. He apprenticed at the Brooks store in the Seaside area later opening his own general store. His store was on Butler’s Pea Landing Road (the location of which would now be the intersection of NC 904 and Russtown Road, near Butler’s Pond). A traveling photographer stopped by the store to deliver prints to a prominent local family. Jinx Long saw a photo of Bessie Lee Butler and announced, ‘That’s the woman I’m going to marry.’ Her family had significant land holdings in the area. On February 24, 1907 they did just that, at the home of Bessie’s mother and stepfather, Mary Melvina Cox Butler McKeithan and Isiah McKeithan. They had several children together, many of whose descendants still live in the area.

By the late 1910s and early 1920s times were getting more difficult for the Long family. Store patrons were not paying off their accounts and Mr. Long couldn’t collect the money he was owed. They owned lots of land in the area, but had no money. Jinx and Bessie began selling their land to pay their creditors. Among the most eager to buy land: Jackson Brothers Railroad and Lumber Co., which was already laying railroad tracks in the swamps and forests of southeastern North Carolina and hauling out timber. Around 1922 Jackson Brothers took over the mill on Butler’s Pond and began clearing timber. It laid out a settlement nearby for its workers, on streets and avenues with names such as ‘Peachtree’ and ‘Sunset’, and called the community Long’s Wood: after the family who had sold the land. The community thrived as workers began to move in, hoping for steady work and a good paycheck.

In 1925 a ‘Longwood’ post office application was proposed to serve a community of 500 people. Several entrepreneurs came as well, like Rice Gwynn of Fairmont. He opened a store and established a large farm in the area. Jackson Brothers stayed around 10 years, gradually pulling out in the early 1930s. The stores stayed open and Jackson Brothers sold the newly cleared acreage for farmland. On June 15, 1939 services of what became Longwood Baptist Church began in a dwelling house, with a church being completed in 1940. Longwood Road was the main street for the community and was once lined with a tractor dealership, a gas company, several garages and general stores, as well as, a hardware store for shopping. In the 1950s, Geneva Boyd’s Longwood Grill was a popular hangout for teenagers. In 1984 there were discussions about possible incorporation. Most of the businesses have closed with many young people leaving to seek jobs.

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